Training Centers

State of the Art Interactive Training Centers helps employers tap into the power of active learning with new hires and professional development for existing employees.  CX2 utilizes innovative solutions that include but are not limited to: Interactive displays, cross-platform conferencing systems, distant learning applications and collaborative spaces.

auditorium meeting

Smart Classrooms

Education technology is rapidly changing in classrooms and universities across the country with the emergence of interactive LCDs, whiteboards and projectors. Interactive technology brings teacher-to-student and student-to-student engagement to a new level by bringing everyone together and providing a productive classroom experience.  For nearly two decades CX2 has been commissioning effective, reliable & easy to use educational technology solutions for higher education campuses and K-12 schools.  Smart Classrooms = Smart Students.


young business people meeting in a visual conference room

Huddle Spaces

Companies and universities are rethinking how to leverage both space and technology to optimize productivity, improve communication and collaborate.  Huddle Spaces are where small groups can come together for working sessions or collaborative discussions in a more intimate setting and are used more effectively than other large meetings spaces.

Let us show you our flexible and affordable technology designs needed to effortlessly connect, present and share content from any device quickly and easily for simple communication.


Signage (Building-Campus-Network)

Digital signage has changed the way we manage and distribute high definition signals. It’s a powerful and highly effective, elegant method to communicate and distribute real-time messages in a variety of sectors including retail, reception areas, financial services, banks, public attractions, corporate, cafeterias, hospitals, airports, casinos, hotels, sporting events and more.

Whether it’s a one-to-one system or need to distribute messages across a complex network of hundreds of displays, CX2 can create a custom digital platform that will provide flexibility and reliability you can trust.

Conference and Boardrooms

Conference and board rooms are the heart and soul of the modern business where ideas are hatched, processes evolve, challenges tackled, and successes achieved. The right A/V conference room technology is a vital part of doing business efficiently and brings everything together to maximize the power of your meetings locally and globally.

Equipping your team with the environment they need to collaborate effectively and efficiently are more vital than ever in the digital age.  Whether your requirement is for a small meeting room or major boardroom our experts specialize in A/V system solutions that will suit your needs and your business.

Auditoriums/Lecture Halls

Whether it’s K-12 auditorium, university lecture hall or high-education theater that seats thousands, the A/V technology installed must deliver clear, bright images and sound to keep your audience fully engaged and focused on content, whether it’s a simple slideshow or a full-scale A/V production.

CX2’s design team understands that every building is unique and will design an intuitive integrated system around your space and not drop-in a pre-package solution, so your message doesn’t get lost in translation.  Our team takes a consultative approach and will assess your budget, mission and individual goals for a newly installed system or update an existing technology with state-of-the art products and services. Our goal is to capture, captivate and stimulate every audience member in the room with a simple push-of-a-button. Ask us about our “EZ Button” touchscreen application today.

Video Walls

Video walls are being used to convey information through high definition displays configured in a variety of sizes and layout styles that immediately attracts attention. These installations are often the centerpiece in various environments including but not limited to college campuses, auditoriums, retail stores, hotels, conference rooms, lobbies, sports bars, building exteriors and airports.  Mission critical applications include emergency operations centers, broadcast control rooms, first responder operation and data centers who all rely on state-of-the-art video walls to manage live streaming video and data 24/7.

Our engineers will thoroughly research your requirements, identify the best solution and use their expertise to design the right video wall to enhance and fit your space. Let CX2 take your business to the next level with an easily managed dynamic digital video solution and give your company and content the attention it deserves.

small group on a meeting with a whiteboard

Interactive Displays/Whiteboards

Interactive technology makes it easy to bring ideas and people together in a meaningful way. Interactive LCDs, whiteboards and projectors are ideal for both K-12 and higher-education use as well as corporate collaborative efforts.  Combining the simplicity of a dry erase board and the power of a computer, interactive displays bring collaboration to any environment that is simple and easy to use.

Interactive flat panels today come in a wide array of sizes, styles and technologies and require far less maintenance, making for a better long-term value. The back-lit LED technology has a dramatic effect on picture quality allowing better visibility of your pertinent information.

Today’s visual interactive technology enhances your ability to communicate more effectively while collaborating with colleagues and students anywhere.