At CX2, we design and install easy to use audio/visual learning solutions for education designed to maximize student achievement and empower teachers to inspire and engage in the classroom.

Advanced A/V technology solutions will prepare your students for tomorrows world.

At CX2 we can transform classrooms into centers of collaborative learning with:

  • Interactive TVs
  • Whiteboards
  • Projectors
  • Sound Systems
  • Classroom Recording Systems
  • Assisted Listening platforms

Today’s students live, learn and play in a hyper-connected multimedia world and CX2’s integration services can mediate the collaborative technologies to help them on their journey.

students in a computer laborotory having a class

Higher Education

In today’s world, technology is everywhere and professors need access to a reliable integrated A/V system to accommodate a variety of learning styles that leverage modern technologies to teach in new and innovative ways.

CX2 designs and installs cutting-edge technology solutions tailor-made for higher-ed and university systems that are designed to their unique requirements for Lecture Halls, Collaboration Rooms, Computer Labs, Video Conference Rooms, Huddle Spaces, Classrooms and Training Centers.

We strive to maximize educator’s investment in A/V technology, so they can approach their critical roles from a digital perspective to better prepare their students to compete in a global economy.

Meeting room equipped with microphones


Financial Institutions

CX2 installs and commissions secure turnkey A/V solutions for financial services companies and investment firms.  The finance world is a very sophisticated and time-sensitive industry that demands clarity of communication both in client offices and with their partners globally.

We utilize innovative audio/visual applications that include speech privacy systems, boardroom A/V systems, background music, digital signage and satellite TV service for stock tickers. The world of finance needs fast, up-to-the-minute reporting, zero downtime and accurate communications for smooth transactions.

Let CX2 consult on your next project to provide a seamless integration, superior performance and maximize the ROI on your investment.

Oil & Gas

As the energy market grows, travel costs increase and the need for collaboration spaces increase.  When geologists, engineers, and drilling experts need to evaluate and review where to drill, communicate with the command center or monitor for outages and weather changes, CX2 can deliver a robust mission-critical A/V infrastructure to meet these critical objectives.


New cutting-edge collaboration technology allows fast, effective communication between doctors, patients, hospital staff and remote clinicians for Telemedicine, Connected Home Healthcare and Administration.

True patient-centered care requires continual communication and CX2 applies our integration expertise to deliver effective solutions. Communication using audio, video, streaming, screen sharing, document sharing and chat features enable remote diagnoses and monitoring, saving everyone time and money.

CX2 combines scalable and secure video collaboration with the highly-advanced remote capabilities for continued learning, mentoring, knowledge sharing, diagnosis and treatment in hospitals, trauma centers, surgical suites, research centers, and mobile health units.

group of doctors on a virtual conference


Government agencies are increasingly looking to A/V technology to assist with management and operations with a properly designed system which drives operational efficiency through secure and global collaboration.

Whether it’s natural disasters, technology disruptions, or international conflicts, government agencies are expected to reliably perform their duties and be prepared for today’s challenges.

CX2 can design systems that help agencies improve their responsiveness and efficiency while also ensuring security and accelerating operations which are key to improving public safety and service.


With ever-increasing concerns regarding budgets for both local and state governments, CX2 can provide affordable and easy-to-use solutions that can improve communication while increasing productivity and widen access among agencies.

Local police and fire operations are always looking for ways to improve response times and communication in emergency situations that depend on instant and accurate information. CX2 builds redundant and reliable systems that allow emergency and first responders to quickly and accurately provide real-time feedback to their Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

Hospitality & Entertainment

CX2 engineers and consultants are well versed in custom A/V solutions for hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, country clubs, theaters and other businesses in the hospitality and entertainment industry.

Technology is the foundation for success these venues require digital signage, video walls, interactive kiosks, TV monitors, touchscreen displays, sound systems, lighting and surveillance cameras etc.  The key to any business’s success is to create a warm and inviting atmosphere where your guests can feel at home the moment they walk through your front door.  Let CX2 help design your next cutting edge of technology system.

Stadiums and Arenas

When fans go to see their favorite sports team or band perform they expect superior sound and video throughout the venue for an enhanced live experience. CX2 has the expertise to design and/or implement cutting-edge technology that delivers the “WOW” factor for every fan attending the event.

CX2 takes a collaborative approach to every large venue project and employs experts in design and installation of distributed video monitors, video walls, digital signage, scoreboards, security cameras, large-scale audio systems and control systems with access management technology.

Let CX2 turn up the volume and excite every fan at the next event with cutting-edge A/V technology installed by our team of experts in the field.


Galleries and museums tell a story to their visitors in memorable ways and the addition of state of the art A/V technologies will enhance your visitor’s entire experience plus help communicate key concepts.

CX2 can create custom interactive exhibits with touchscreen displays, sound systems, custom lighting, projection systems, sound enhancements and more.  Bring your gallery to life with a system tailored to your specific needs and make every exhibit unforgettable.